How It Works:
Renting with TuxKit

No Hassle, Easy Tux Rentals

At TuxKit you can book a tux rental in minutes. Our looks are pre-styled to look great as-is, but also allow you to customize every detail to perfection.

You don’t need to know your sizes to get the perfect fit, our state of the art sizing algorithm will find your perfect fit using your regular clothing sizes. If you know your suit sizes, we’ll accept those too!

Here’s how it works.

Our Rental Process: Quick Overview

  1. Select Your Style
    Shop our Collection & create the perfect look.
  2. Enter Your Sizes
    Use regular clothing sizes or suit sizes!
  3. Checkout & Enjoy
    Your items will arrive 14 days before your event.
  4. Free & Easy Return
    Use the original box and included postage.
A laptop displays a selection of tuxedo rental packages from TuxKit

Step 1: Select Your Style

Our catalog is composed of expertly designed suits and tuxes that look great as-is. If you see something you like, you can add it to your cart without any customization and know that you’ve selected a high-quality look.

Every look can be customized, simply click on an item to change it – our vests, ties and pocket squares come in over 2000 styles.

Shop Our Collection
A photo of a young man entering his sizes on TuxKit using his regular clothing sizes.

Step 2: Enter Your Sizes

You don’t need to know your suit sizes! Our simple sizing form only needs your height, weight, age and regular clothing sizes. Once you have a style in your cart, you can enter your sizes from the shopping cart page.

If you know your suit sizes, we’ll take them! You can enter them into the optional suit sizing fields on the sizing form.

two young men enjoy their TuxKit tuxedo rental.

Step 3: Checkout & Enjoy Your Rental

With sizes entered, you’re ready to book your rental! Simply visit the checkout page, enter your event details, billing/shipping information and submit your order.

Shipping is 100% free and your items will arrive 14 days before your event for early try-on. If anything doesn’t fit, you can get free replacements without having to send anything back – you’re always sure to have fitting items, per our fit guarantee.

Now you’re ready to look amazing at your special event.

Package your tuxkit rental return to have it ready for free home pickup.

Step 4: Return Your Rental

Returning your rental is easy & free! Seal your items back into the original box and attach the included return shipping label to the outside of the box.

Next, request a free home pickup or drop off the package at any FedEx drop-off location. Your items must be picked up or dropped off within 3 days after your event date.

That’s it!

Have Other Questions?

Check our Help & FAQ Section, or reach out to our team.

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